Demontāž will consider buying your property with abandoned factories and production plants, as well as property with abandoned bomb shelters, boiler houses with equipment, or any other industrial sites anywhere in Latvia.

If a property you intend to sell contains any abandoned industrial plants and facilities, they can become a major headache, because selling a property without demolishing such facilities is likely to be more difficult. Demolishing such facilities and cleaning up the site may take considerable investments, especially because performing such work requires hiring a qualified construction supervisor and environmental specialist.

Demontāž offers a solution: we will buy your property with plants and facilities that require demolition, sparing you all the complicated work, additional costs, unnecessary concerns and challenges, including the demolition itself, the collection and disposal of construction waste, the levelling of the land, the removal of trees and bushes, and many other important tasks.

We consider and assess the individual circumstances of every client, hiring certified specialists to conduct a thorough inspection of your property; we provide you with advice and help you decide on a transaction that brings the most benefit and suits your specific situation.

Our professionals will use international appraisal standards to determine the technical condition of the property and the industrial site free of charge; they will also analyse the transaction as a whole and will provide all the legal support necessary in formalising it, including the preparation of the necessary documents, ensuring a quick, safe, accurate, and quality process overall.


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