Danute Tomsone,
6 February 2017

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Demolition of the former underground nuclear missile base in Galgauska under way

Demontāža has begun the demolition of an abandoned military structure – a Soviet nuclear missile base – at the National Armed Forces (NBS) National Guard training range in Galgauska, Delfi was told by the company’s representatives.

This impressive military facility was a base of Soviet-era Dvina R12 nuclear missiles. It stored four nuclear missiles in 32-metre-deep underground silos and contained a command centre on several levels.

The facility will be demolished and recycled into crushed concrete.

The demolition at the site with an area of several hectares is carried out by the company Demontāža. The value of the contract is EUR 189,906 and the work is projected to take six months.

The director and owner of Demontāž Mārtiņš Mālnieks said that during the Soviet era there were a total of 12 nuclear missile bases in Latvia, five of them underground. Dvina R12 is the last remaining underground missile base of its type, while the rest have already been demolished.

The specialist admits the complexity of the facility to be demolished: "Basically, it is a huge ten-storey building under ground, divided into several levels, built from very durable concrete, therefore requiring special technical equipment – powerful excavators equipped with hydraulic hammers and demolition shears.

The rubble will be recycled into crushed concrete to be used in the construction of roads and car park surfacing," said Mr Mālnieks.


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